Changing a broken cranks axle and dealing with the spokes

I have a broken axle in my unicycle. I bought a new one and I want to change it but I can’t find instructions on how to do it anywhere
Any tips? Links?
I want to change it mainly to sell it and prefer to save the money then going to a bike store…
Adding a photo for clarity

Any help is appreciated!


  1. Take off tire, inner tube and rimtape
  2. unscrew all the spokenipples and remove spokes from old hub
  3. Rebuild the wheel. I like the classic sheldon brown instructions:, but you can find plenty of videos too, like this one

Some people would say not to reuse old spokes, but I’ve done that more than once and it was fine.


…others would say pay attention to have all spokes at the same position afterwards again (leading and trailing spokes) because then the direction of the load onto the spokes will remain the same. I have done both: Re-use the spokes with and without taking care of the spoke position. If the wheel hasn’t been close to its limits before both will work as long as the wheel is built properly.
But just to be sure: Does the new hub have the same flange diameter as the old one? If that differs too much, new spokes might be required anyway. The number of spokes seems to be equal from what I could count in the picture.