Change of address

To all concerned,

My company recently changed its name and we moved our offices, as shown below.
This is the new mailing address and office of IUF Japan:

    IUF Japan Jack Halpern, CEO & President The CJK Dictionary Institute,
    Inc. (CJKI) Komine Building (3rd & 4th Floor) 34-14, 2-chome, Tohoku,
    Niiza-shi Saitama 352-0001 JAPAN E-mail: Website:
    <a href=""></a>

Gilby or whoever is in charge, I would appreciate it if you could update
relevant webpages where my address appears.

Regards, Jack Halpern President, The CJK Dictionary Institute, Inc. Phone: +81-48e$B!]e(B473e$B!]e(B3508