Change 140 Cranks to 125?

So I have a pair of Quax lightweight 140 cranks that I never use. Is there any cheap way to make these into 125s? I also have a pair of pedals I never use that I could somehow secure in and wouldn’t be taking out ever so no risk of stripping or ruining the holes.

Would drilling holes and filling with strong epoxy be strong enough?
Would it be cheaper to just buy (or possibly trade for) 125s?



The other issue is I want them for NAUCC which is in less than a week so I’m not sure I would have time to order/trade them :thinking:

I’m not familiar with Quax cranks, are they like Isis or cotterless? I have some new 125 Nimbus ventures, but want 140’s . Doubt you still have the 140’s, or if they fit mx old trials uni, but doesn’t hurt to ask.

Not worth messing with, those are cheap and inexpensive cranks, $10 on sale, so maybe UDC could get you another size?

If you really want 125’s, you should get some good ones, KH or such, but if you want a choice then get some 150/125’s.

In stock, only $10:

Or better yet, some KH Moments for $50:

And the middle ground, Venture 2 for $65:

I wanted to get them from UDC but it was ~$10 shipping for $10 cranks.
I found a great solution though, bought them straight from UDC at NAUCC! $0 shipping is awesome :smiley:

And goldan they are ISIS and one has a new hole drilled in it :roll_eyes: I doubt you’d still want them (not sure how strength was affected) but PM me if you do