yes but wha tIm saying is that if unicon would be on tv when ppl would be zappin channels they’d see some guy doing a humongous drop they’d watch… anybody would it’s interresting… like ppl would think less that it’s a clown thing ad they’d see the real side of unicycling

Unfortunately not everbody who saw it would be instantly captivated, only a fraction of the population would stop even for a second. The vast majority of people would consider it boring, or pointless, or both, or wouldn’t know what to think and would flick over quick before it induced them to actually use their brains for a second. Yeah sure alot of skaters, bikers and the like would keep watching out of interest in another extreme sport, but they make up a tiny proportion of the viewing public.

Maxisback, I have terrible news for you. No one gives a shoot about unicycling in France.
We were 350 at the last French cup, and although Yoggi is inspiring a few teenagers, it remains totally obscure. Skateboarding on the other hand has been solidly trendy for the past 30 years.

I’ve been unicycling for 9 months now, and I saw a unicyclist by accident only once in Paris, where I live, the only film where I saw a unicycle by accident was in King Kong. There has been two minor cable TV shows about unicycling since I’ve started, you can see me in both of them…

That friend of yours made fun of you.

That’s a very good point, Besides live extreme unicycling (not freestyle) is rarely as impressive to watch as live skating or skate boarding. For two reasons in my opinion :

  • The first being that Unis cannot capitalize on speed, a lot of jaw droping tricks are based on speed, like jumps and flips. I find that utterly annoying that a cheesy lil scooter can perform a flip and not a uni :frowning:

  • The second is that you tend to fall of the Uni a lot when grinding, railing or jumping, or performing a street combo. And It looks more like a failure when you UPD from a uni than when you miss a line from a trials bike, I don’t know why but that’s how I’ve seen people react.
    Most people don’t realize how hard it is to ride a uni, or a BC, so they go “yeah great so what ?”.

Then again on TV, you can edit, so I’m sure that if the most impressive moments of a convention were edited together, you could come up with an interresting 3 minute piece.

It could be a good idea to show TV networks a sample video of what can be done and offer a Sports News Show to come and shoot, or donate a piece, shot by professionnal standards, that would be produced by Unicon as a demo reel…

You don’t even have TV at home! (neither do I)

You’re probably talking about “Trace TV” show and the fecing uni vs basket uni “Stade 2” show on France 3 channel.
But you forget the report about the French Cup on both France 3 and M6 news! Not cable. And we can also see you in it! You’re a star!

Since you’ve started, another show “incroyable mais vrai” on TF1 channel (not cable) talked about Muni.

Actually, except that, I totally agree with you

All of us could probably do a little more to help the cause as well
like 1)Ask your local REI store why they dont have any Kris Holm unicycles in stock on display since they are a distributor for them?
2) Hit up you local skate board shop and most I have seen have T.Vs showing videos, maybe they could run a good K.H. vid or ? to show everyone there is more to unicycling
3) Same as #2 but hit the local Bike shop as well
And I am sure many others here have ideas as well
What ideas do you have?
P.S. I have done the above

WTF then I gotta go break my bud’s legs for lying to me and making me look this dumb…

Very good idea