Hey all I was just watching tv and I got to watch the world’s skateboarding championships…20 000 people there and lots more wathcing tv… the event is sponsored by god knows how much ppl… Well you know I thought why cant unicycling be like that ? I kno we have UNICON but I mean there isn’t 20 000 persons watching unicon and it dosent even pass on tv…What Im saying is that unicycling need’s to get more out there because people love to see what can be busted on 1 wheel… what do you all think ?

word :sunglasses:

Like I am not trying to diss UNICON or any country that has it… but I think that if some people would try they could get media coverage and more sponsors… (all the people who make UNICON you all rule and you put so much work into it I am seriously not saying your not doing a great job)

yea i want unicycling to get more know on the kewl side,but i dont want everyone to do it like its a common thing, cuz then theres nuthing special about it anymore.

that’s where you lose me… you unicycle to be special ?.. in france unicycling is as comon as skateboarding…

I wanna move to france :stuck_out_tongue: . But seriously, who’s gonna sponsor unicycling? Besides unicycling brands? Maxxis, DC shoes, 661, Alex?

That “DC shoes” seemed kind of random…how is that a unicycle company?

None of those are unicycling companys, But they could sponsor unicycling?

Ok…I just can’t picture DC shoes sponsering a unicyclist.

kris holm has quite a few non-uni sponsores like horny toad, norco and … um thats all i can remember. but then again its Kris Holm

Honestly lots of randmon sponsors… gatorade for an example…the people who would give us the skinny’s and all that are sponsors…kris holm,bedford,maxxis,velo,profile most trial bike company’s would be interested… we’d need media converage… more media u get there more ppl wanna sponsor your event…

That would be so cool… if it were true. What made you think this was the case?

Or maybe skateboarding is really obscure in France; I suppose that could be possible.

Anyway, a lot of us want unicycling to grow into a “respectable” sport. Unicon 12 got probably more TV coverage than any previous one, though this was mostly in Japan. The sport is much better known (and understood) there. And there was an ESPN thing that was shown in the U.S., mostly covering Trials and the 10k.

But to build sporting events into larger, more media-attractive things it takes a combination of stuff. What we perhaps need the most are business people who want to run it. The IUF and USA, for example, are run by hobbyists. We are not necessarily good promoters and in fact we may be counter-productive to that sometimes. Japan’s national organization, the JUA, is run by two entrepreneurs. Their goals were more business oriented, and their success shows in the size of the meets they have over there (and the unicycles in the majority of schools, funding supported by the national lottery, etc.). And sponsorships, from the kinds of companies that can sponsor whatever they want. For example Coca-Cola, who have been sponsoring JUA stuff since at least 1987 and Unicon III.

I’m all for unicycling being a more well-known, respected, and understood sport. But I, like many unicyclists, fear the all-too-likely “poser factor”. Now that skateboarding is so big, many people who call themselves “skaters” are really just self-proclaimed, teenage rebels with torn up pants.

Right now, unicyclists are a friendly, tight-knit, helpful group of people (for the most part). I don’t want it getting as big as skateboarding is now to create an entirely new persona that would be attached to the word “unicyclist”.

Well I have a france that just came back form france (after 1 year) and I asked him if there people unicycle and he sadi ARE YOU KIDING ? EVERYONE DOES ! and I was like wow…

but I dont get how someone could be a poser on a unicycle… he’d walk around with 661’S ?

and another sponsor Im sure that would join would be mountain dew… haha maybe even red-bull

Well I’m sure people thought the same thing when skateboarding was still small. People always find a way.

However, now that I think about it, maybe that wouldn’t happen as bad as I had thought before, since unicycling is much harder to learn than skateboarding if you want to do anything.

I supose… but I dont know I mean i’d like it if unicycling was seen more seriously by people…Like how awesome would it be if UNICON would be brodcasted on like ctv or something…

that would be cool but how many people do you think would watch it…like ya we all would and maybe a couple scattered people who have nothing better to watch but the general populus would have no interest whatso ever. peopel watch biking and skating becaus e veeryone can atleast move on a skateboard and almost everyone can ride a bike so it gives them something to relate to 1 in 1000 can ride a unicycle…thats a pretty small number in the grand scheme of things. i dont think uni will every be as big as some would like it but yes i think al little more recognition of the uni as a sport and not a clown toy would be great!

The UNICON organisers are working on this. They have placed a call on this forum (somebody find the thread) for reporters, for radio and tv. Parts of UNICON will also be broadcasted on