Chamois Creme / budder / butter advice

Question about applying this magical substance: how quickly does it absorb into the skin a “fade away”? Many hand cremes (as used by my wife - I imagine myself to be a manly man with no use for hand creme) absorb quickly. 10 minutes after applying them they are essentially gone.

So with the chamois preparation, is it better to “lube up” in private prior to getting into the car to drive 20 minutes to the parking lot next to the muni trail head?

Or, for best results, should I apply it in the public parking lot just before riding and risk arrest on a morals charge? :astonished: " …honest, officer - I have to do this before all my unicycle rides into the woods."

I usually get about 2 good hours of riding out of one application of chamois creme. I apply it at the trail head before I put on my camel back and sort out my iPod/headphones situation. Yes, you will look a bit suspect with your hands down your lycra- but then again you are essentially fondling your balls. The comfort on the trail is definitely worth it though. I would advise having a spare towel handy in your car so you can clean off your hand from any excess creme after applying it.

If i’m riding for longer than 3hrs, i’ll take a small tube of the stuff in my camel back and re-apply on the trail.

Its not the sort of thing i’ll do while chatting to other trail users or shooting the wind with riding buddies- but it can be done discretely and is totally worth it.


Usually when I ride I wear canvas work pants, and no underwear. No use wasting money on butt budder when you can just work up a nice taint callous :wink:

I find it spreads better if I dilute it a bit with water (until it mixes easily by shaking, I’m guessing 4:1). It wears out a bit faster but I don’t get parts over lubed and some w/ none. I bring some more in a 1 oz squeeze bottle for a reapplication after 2-3 hrs.

and some antiseptic gel or wipes.

Eww. I know the stuff works for many people, but I’ve never tried any of it. I wonder if I"m missing something. I believe in a good (not cheap) pair of bike shorts, worn directly against the skin, and not trying to ride too far without taking “circulation” breaks.

I have used a product called Power Glide. It looks like a stick deodorant that you use on your “friction areas.” Hard to tell how much of a difference it makes on those really long rides, but I know it’s not doing any damage! I used it for Ride the Lobster, my century last year, and several other 100k-ish rides.

Any 1/2 decent chamois creme will already be anti bacterial. This is handy as it will keep your nics (bib) clean and stop any cuts, abrasions, or rashes you have down there from getting infected. This is important in multi day rides where you may not have a chance to clean your nics. It is also a must if you plan on being in the saddle for a substantial period of time- without the stuff I start to suffer from pain at about the 3hr mark. With it, i can happily spend 8hrs plus riding hard muni.

@John. I was sceptical at first too. But some chamois cream combined with some good cycling shorts/ or a bib will increase your comfort immensely. Give it a go, you can buy little single use sachets of the stuff from most bike stores for cheap. Once you find something you like you can get a big tub of it.


Is vasaline a good alternative to chamois creme?

Or, is there another alternative that can be obtained from a typical inner city drugs store (e.g. ‘superdrug’ in the UK)?

Vaseline Creamy works well and is available at most drug stores in the US. It is a white lotion, as compared to Vaseline Petroleum Jelly.

I’ve got a really nice pair of Louis Garneu bib shorts. I would not ride without them.

I have a big tub of this at home but also keep some

in my Camelbak for those long unsupported rides.

I agree, the comfort is definitely worth it. I slather it on thick and it lasts 2-3 hours. I’ve also tried Bodyglide. I like bodyglide for running, but it doesn’t last long when riding.

I disagree about looking suspect. Everyone’s doing it… flaunt it! :smiley:
Edit: I do apply with my left hand though… nobody will want to shake hands with you after witnessing a right-handed application.

Nah. Just run your fingers through your hair after applying and it’s all good.

haha! That conjures images from Something About Mary.

So are there are ways in which the creamy vasaline is superior to normal vasaline?

I appreciate that white has the aesthetic edge, but, given what I’d be using it for, I don’t think that’ll be the deciding factor when it comes to choosing between them.

Creamy Vaseline is not greasy like normal Vaseline. After you apply it you can rinse or wipe it off your hands easily - not the case with normal Vaseline. The fact that it is white has no value other than to distinguish it from the other kind.

Petroleum Jelly is more difficult to wash out than many other chamois cremes.

I’ve had pretty good luck with Noxzema. It has more staying power than some of the hand cremes I’ve tried. I’ve used Noxzema because I often can’t justify the price of specialty chamois cremes. I’m not sure it’s the best for the shorts in the long run, but it doesn’t seem to have brought them to an early demise.