challenges/competitions for beginner to intermediate riders

We are going to have a unicycle day at our church on the second Sunday in February and I am looking at different activities for our young riders to challenge them. What are some of your favorites or some that you have heard of?

Of course, we can do some basic challenges like around the room, figure eight, idling, mounts, riding on a straight line. I am looking for other ideas too.

backetball! and just fun games.

I got this from a thread about funny games for beginner riders. I thought I would put it here so all this information would be together…

Jousting is fun, relays with baton passing, hopping contests (horizonal, forward/backward, vertical), follow the leader, obstacle course.

We’ve stuck little pieces of caution tape on the back of people’s seats; last one to get the tape pulled off is the winner.

Colored fabric “flags” hanging from your pants on both sides, like in flag football. Each rider starts with one on each side. Steal other peoples flags, the one with the most after five minutes wins.
Must be riding to steal a flag.
Must steal from someone who is riding.
When you steal a flag, you must hang it from your pants.

a good exercize is to see if you can slide a popsicle stick between your spokes and grab it on the other side. You have to slow way down and lean forward, be quick about getting the stick in and out of the spokes. Extra long sticks, like tongue depressors, are best.

We had a successful event with our Unicycle Day at St. Jacob. Something like this has never been attempted in these parts. I had a big list of challenges but did not use as many as I thought we might. Of course, the IUF unicycle levels were a big point of discussion. It was good to see several riding backwards and lots of bunny hops as well as some different mounts. Other things that happened that day included:

-hanging on a pole (for the first timers)
-trying to ride from pole to pole (for the beginners)
-riding around the four poles that hold up the ceiling (cake for 5 riders)
-putting pieces of duct tape on others
-I saw some informal follow the leader activity
-foam swords were a GIANT hit
-when the room cleared out we moved back the tables and played hockey.
This went real well and all the participants left with a red glow to their
faces from all the effort.

I would like to try some more days like this. A park that is just a block from the church has several circular sidewalks around it with a number of different sidewalks connecting everything. Lots of good possibilities for riding and some imaginative routes. This could be a great location in warmer weather.