Challenge to unicyclist's

How many unicycles can be carried on a car?

This was in a local paper, seen on Monday on one of our motorways, with all the weight on the one bke at rear this was highly illegal. The count is at least 12 bikes.

bike.bmp (310 KB)

I have carried 8 in side my car. when we put the rack on the ouside for camping i got 4 on roof and 3 on back rack. so in my case 8

How about six unicycles and three people inside a VW Beetle? Inventory:

  • Three conventional 24" unicycles
  • One 27" Ultimate Wheel
  • One 16" Two Wheeler (stacked wheels)
  • One 20" Two Wheeler
  • Three adults
  • Luggage for a week in New York
Ah, those were the days...