challenge for the BC'ers

i wasthinkin today and i thought to myself"hey…why cant you do a crankflip on a bc? we could call it a platform flip!" but yeah…is it possible? the way i was thinking was to jump grab the wheel and kicks the platforms…kinda like a crankflip but harder then land on the platformsa nd coast away. so do you think its possible? if it is i would love to see someone do it that would be sick!


I don’t know about that but I was thinking a BC spin, like a unispin but with a BC. That would be cool

its been done…impretty sure evan has landed one…a bc shuv-it

A plate flip and shuv it have both been thought of but noone has landed either of them that I know of. Evan has definately not landed a shuv it. I am going to try a plateflip from riding with the plates upside down then fliping them over to normal, Jeff Groves talked about doing those a while ago, I dont know if he could actually do them but he called them an elevator drop. It would be so hard to do a full plateflip, I have a hard time kicking them to make them flip when I am standing on the ground. With long plates that might be close to impossible.

well i figure if anyone can land one its you evan or jeff so have at it…it still sounds cool.

And I have a notion that a shuv it wouldn’t be possible due to the gyroscopical properties of a spinning wheel, but that’s just me.

pfft… laws of physics. Who needs 'em? I’ve already broken five. One is gravity. I found myself floating above the ground for about five seconds after getting out of bed. then i fell down.

i can kind of do stationary shov its. They arent too hard. Moving is a different story though, a million times harder.

Video here

Would it count if did that on a hill, and then landed and rolled down?

Haha, thanks Evan, thats exactly what this thread needed.

I landed a few plateflips. While holding the wheel with one hand.

dude thats awesome!

couldn’t you do a plateflip by kicking the wheel down … then the plates would do the flip thing that it does when you throw it down or drop it or w/e

landing would be hard

how about a kickflip

I do it by putting my left foot on the top of my plate then pushing down