Challenge: Climb the Fargo Street (LA, Calif)

While reading this article about this arduous climb for bikers, I wondered if any uni climbed this hill… WITHOUT STOPPING. :astonished:
And which uni would you use? 20inch? 26in? A Coker?,0,3912612.story

It’s located in intersection of:
Fargo Street and Allesandro Street, Los Angeles, CA.

i think terry did it. i think he zig zagged up it though

someone needs to ride straight up it :slight_smile:

Here’s the steep hill discussion from last year.

I think Terry “tacked” a bit as already mentioned, so a straight climb would be better.


Here’s Terry’s video.

Whoa! Nice, Terry! Props to you all who made this climb! :astonished:
I am gonna grab my 24 Torker and try this. :slight_smile:

better have 175mms! :slight_smile:

We could have a Fargo Uni Climb event! How many people would be up for it?


I’d be up for it, if someone would pay me a plane ticket to get in California and come back home!:stuck_out_tongue: I’d bring my Coker:)

I would be up for it! Let me know guys. I may lend out my 24" as a learner. I’d still try it on 29er though.

It doesn’t surprise me at all to see Terry scoot up that hill. It amazes me that he would trust his camera to be left alone at the bottom. I fear thieves. :frowning:

Even more amazing is that he hasn’t posted once yet much less 10 times on this thread.

haha, you sure have a low standard for what you consider “amazing”! :p;):smiley:

I’d be up for trying it (probably for an epic fail), although my schedule’s probably too limiting to hook up with others (kids, work). Next time I drive by that area, I may give it a whirl.

I do lots of hills in my area (Palos Verdes), but I have no idea what grade the steep ones would be numerically. I’m sure 33% blows anything around here away. Any easy way to measure what you just went up (or down)?

You can get grades from the Map My site:

You can also calculate them from google earth or measure them directly.


Cool. Thanks! Have to play with the site (not exactly intuitive), but it looks pretty cool. And, at first glance, makes 33% grade seem all the more insane.

I would definitely go. We could even do it with the cyclists and see if we could prove once and for all that one wheel is better than two!