Chalk up another DX frame...

well it hasn’t snapped off yet, but I can see the hairline crack in the weld around the seatpost tube… havent even had it a month yet…

so should i go Bedford or Nimbus for my new frame?

bedford if the shipping isn’t unreasonable. they nimbus and bedford are basically the same except the bedford is newer and doesn’t stick out as far. unless you know a good welder. then you can weld it back together stronger than it was.

I recommend the Nimbus II. It’s very strong and great for freestyle or trials.

I went nimbus II.

No problems with it what-so-ever. It looks great, weighs only 2 pounds, the design makes foot on frame tricks easier because your foot has a better grip to the frame and points to the wheel better.

I have also never hit my knees or anything on the frame, and dont even notice it sticking out any or anything like that.

Go bedford.
They are way stronger than the dx and do not hit your knee like the nimbus.
I had to use a nimbus when my dx broke and i hit my knee all the time.

Are you really sure the Nimbus is weaker? Can you really have evidence for it to be stronger?

I still find it funny how so many people hit their knees, when I havent had a problem with it at all.

Torkerdx and i both got bedford and they are seriously great. He changed his image to the poser uni of mine.

If you got a nimbus II you wouldnt need to get a new seat post, you would with a bedford.

I forgot that fact.

Bedfords run 22.2, when a Nimbus II will hold a 25.4.

Anyways, the 22.2 bend really easily, and the regular size for 25.4 is a very strong post, and more posts will fit in that size because its more ocmmon. doesnt seem to have the numbis II anymore…?

is it coming back where did it go?

but anyway, as far as the seat post thing goes…
well whats a bigger pain is that you will soon need a new seat…:frowning:

havnt had mine to long either. not only is the seat way to big to grab for seat out stuff, but the cover has been ripping, and its stappled in… might as well make the up grade to a real seat…post…frame…

myself im goin wiht a bedford. have heard nothing but great service

i just asked darren about shipping. like 15 or so to the states for just the frame… dont quote me on that tho

yeah, i was looking at the bedford frames too… 15 to ship is reasonable from canada… (is it 15 canadian?) how long do you think it would take to ship to the u.s.?

is the seat post thing really that much of a pain? it seems if it was,
there wouldnt be so many people riding bedfords…

get a free replacement and sell it to buy a new one or use it

who is going to buy a dx frame, and how cheap would you have to sell it… ?
i was gonna melt mine down and make some rocks hahaha, wonder how much torker would sell just a frame… gotta be less the 35 dollars, i guess it would cover the cost fo a new seatpost haha

…15 for shipping in either curency is reasonable