Chalange 2 Mounted Police

Pulled up to a stop light in the center lane next to 2 mounted police; they both doubltaked at me (Kevlar/Carbon full face helmet, Camel Back, Roach and Harbringer, Flaming Jursey-alla-Coker) -at their eye level- as I asked 'em, “You wana race to the park?”

The light changed and I bolted.


your lucky they didnt do the pit Maneuver on you with their big horsey heads.

A brave and heart warming tale!

That said - and I know Police horses are exceptionally well trained - but I never ever ride my unicycle near or past horses with riders. If I see a horse and rider coming, I dismount and wait until they’ve passed. If you UPD and the horse shies, or even if the horse is frightened by the unusual sight of a unicycle, the rider could be seriously injured or killed. I used to be in a bicycle club. many years ago, a club member was kicked and killed by a horse that he’d startled as he rode past.

End of po-faced but well-meant lecture.

Well taken. I measured the possible quality of life issues posed by not throwing down the gauntlet and found the risk a pitance.