Chainwhel & crank for a giraffe

Anyne know where I can get a (one piece) 28t chainwheel with 125mm (square) cotterless crank for my giraffe.

Thanks in advance for replies


ebay has some giraffe parts but I think they are mostly for their Nimbus house brand giraffes. What brand are you working on?

The uni belongs to my local circus grouo for young people - I think its a QU-AX. (there is no branding but it looks like one I’ve seen from pictures on the web and it has a viscount saddle)

I have checked udc and they use 32t sprockets on the nimbus giraffes.

Oddballs have a 28t sprocket with 152 cranks which I have fitted, but I would prefer the 125 cranks originally on it.

Thanks for your help