chain driven question

Anyone here seen a unicycle that has the cranks mounted directly above the wheel? ie. short giraffe. Thanks.

I was going to build one in school, but I decided I was too lazy.

search “penguin”

Tom Miller (The Unicycle Factory) used to make what he called “Traveller” giraffes, with the crank axle at a minimal height above the wheel. They were intended to maximize rideability with a simple gearing-up system. But then Cokers came along so they aren’t as useful as they were then…

George Barnes IV made one that was highly geared, there are videos on the gallery of him riding it i think. Also a guy called skippi on these forums had a similar one, i think they both have 26" wheels.

Thanks for the replies.

Brian rode one in family guy. Just to let you know.

Ther was one at a Kidderminster uni meet that I went to once. It looked a professionally made job. Looked a bit DM ish. Possibly one of Steve Grainger’s unicycles. Standard 1 to 1 chain drive, bot geared up.