Im pretty new to this whole only one wheel thing, but Ive started hopping and jumping up and down stuff and such, and it hurts the inside of my thighs quite a bit after awhile, Im sure you all can relate… I wear spandex, which helps, but still doesn’t stop it. Is there any kind of trick to eliminate the chaffing?

I know what you mean, when i first started jumping, my thighs would rub up agianst the seat and cause some terrible pain after a few hours of riding.

Now when i hop, the seat bearly rubs against my legs, and when im riding and hopping SIF (seat in front) it doesnt bother me at all, but after a while of just jumping around, you tend to correct your positioning by yourself, and you will notice that the seat wont be hitting your thigs as your progress in your jumping. =p

Two things:
One: as suggested by jerrick, as you learn and you technique improves the saddle will lean against the inside of your leg less, resulting in less rubbing.

Two: after a few weeks of riding the hair on the inside of your leg will have been removed, also the skin will start to toughen and the redness and sore feeling will no longer occur. I can remember exactly what it was like, especially with the crappy saddle i had, but after a month or two of occassional practice it became less and less of a problem.

yep… some call it JWS (john wayne syndrome) it can cum and go quiet quick… spandex is good. more info search JWS

It helps to use a lubricant - I’ve been using Bodyglide Anti-Friction Skin Formula, I like it better than the biking stuff like Chamois-Butt - although I don’t do much hopping, just 20-mile rides.

good ideas, thanks

p.s. any tips for SIF hopping? i havn’t tried it yet but id like to know how before i do, ya know.

when you first start sif hopping…hold the seat like theres no tommorow…and only hold it with one hand your other hand has to wave wildly for you to keep ballance.