CFM09 Flatland part 1

Adrien upload the first part of the flatland competition at CFM09 in France, more follow soon.


Awesome!!! :astonished:

Beasts. Krisz Kovacz has awesome style.

I liked Loic’s run the most. He only had one fall, trying to do a tripleflip. His combo’s were tech and not too long.

Bobousse fell too much.

Krisz had 2 good combos but the rest was flip tricks.

Adrien’s run had a nice mix of tech and also long combos, but he did fall twice and he has to much hops on wheel before doing another trick (continuing the combo) which looks bad.

If only Elliot could have made it…

I have one question. On Krisz’s last trick did his 2nd try count or not? I don’t think it should have but did it?

Krisz’s trick wouldnt have counted. A pretty cheeky way to land a hicktriple :stuck_out_tongue: Each time he tried it looked like a 2.5 hick.

I think I liked Adriens the best. Loic didn’t try many hard tricks. Both, awesome.

Can’t wait to see something similar to this, at unicon.

Loic is going, he already registered… And he will be a beast… He will have 6 months of pure riding (his summer now)…

Krisz I don’t think so… but lets wait :stuck_out_tongue:

Krisz was by far my favorite. He had the LONGEST combo, and was really getting the crowd pumped up.

Adrien is sooooo smooth!!! but krisz is just a beast!

Adrien is my hero.

+1. I liked his run best.

will you put it on vimeo?

adriens hicktriple was awesome

When is part 2 comming out?