CFM Video - Pöham


Lorenz and me did this video for the CFM.


:open_mouth: i loved it guys! the music was different but in the best way possible! crazy vid with great riding awesome music and superb editing! loved it all i think im gonna watch it a million more times :DDD

YES! I have always wanted you to make an edit to this song! Macklemore is amazzzing :smiley: I really liked the 90-180sidespin and 180flip180flip! And Lorenz’s baywalkto sidejump was sick!

Amazing edit too, Raphael :smiley: Your intros are just as great as the riding :slight_smile: And nice rolling hop :open_mouth: That was huge, bro!! :slight_smile:

Great as usual! Very creative riding and great editing!


Nice to watch :slight_smile:

Youtube please. (computer fries on vimeo) :slight_smile:

Love it :slight_smile: