[CFM Video comp] Keukly Vid!

Tight video. Really solid riding.


Best Movie ever!!! Wow Loic is probably my favorite rider of all time, he has some of the greatest flow and the coolest tricks out there. Great movie guys that was soooo sick!!!

Expect better interms of “big” tricks. But loics flat is so… beautiful. Yes, BEAUTIFUL.

Loic and Mat, deadly.

That was awesome. The riding was rediculous. :astonished:

Yes, even if other rider is better, they miss the flow that loic have. :sunglasses:

very cool vid loic’s combos are awesome
but i think they would have looked better if he did them on a green spirit :stuck_out_tongue:

really (!) good riding :astonished:
the combo’s were original and some sick tricks/trial lines

I enjoyed that. Period.

amazing vid !!! :astonished:

awesome video the combos are very cool
and the back and front flip down the stairs were nice too

Very good!

But I was a bit dissapointed with the street. There should have been more medium sized tech street…

The flat was amazing, and Mat’s little pole tap made the vid. No matter what that guy does, it’s going to look so much better than almost anything else. :stuck_out_tongue:

the doubleflip over the huge gap was so cool

very nice video;)
editing was nice and i also liked the music:)
Mat does so cool tricks like the 360 varielspin :astonished:
Loics flattricks were good too, but i missed some flips of him :roll_eyes:
But his style is soooo cool :astonished: my favourite :wink:
keep it up!


that flip down the steps wile the guys did the grinds… that was like the biggest thing i have ever seen in my life …

Haha, you should go to France… Everybody can flip in there… is funny! They have gymnastics in school, so they learn front, back and many different types of flips…

I think he meant when Loic double flipped the 2 flat 2.

Like I posted in Vimeo: Love the video; Loic’s flat was smooth.

Anyone notice Loic looks alot taller? Haha, coolies

He’s actually taller…

The one who grow more was Elliot! He’s way taller than he was at UNICON!