[CFM] Lots of flat battles! (Most important ones)



Download! All important flat battles… Including all semi finals and the final!

All in one file… Not really good quality but watch-able…

Thanks Sergio for uploading it and posting on FFM forums!


Thanks for posting!
Loic vs Adrien was really hard to tell. Loic definately if it wasn’t for Adrien’s 900.
Luc’s fifth double (and other flip tricks) was (were) sweet. Can he Sej Flip yet?

(only watched up to 25:00/final 4)

One question on flat comps: If a person does a very long combo but messes up at the end, does all/most of the tricks before the mistake count? (Not for last trick I am assuming)

Just finished watching it all. The final battle was really nice!

This is a big question that people are debating about. Some think they should count. But I don’t think it should. The rider takes the risk to try a long combo and if he falls on the last trick he should pay the price. Long combos take up too much time and usually arn’t impressive anyway.

My nets going too slow… ill dl later.

The riding was definitely good but overall I’m disappointed. Some of the battles just looked like a street competition without obstacles. I think flip tricks generally look out of place in flatland and they kill the flow. I think if you are going to do flip tricks in a flat comp then it should either just be something to throw in between rolling tricks as a transition or as part of a longer combo. I also think people should stop hopping on wheel, it looks really bad when riders interrupt a smooth combo to start bouncing around.
I’m not saying I think people should only roll around on the cranks in flat, but I think the majority of the stuff should be smooth balance tricks, think flatland bmx.

Sounds like freestyle. But I agree, I think. I actually don’t mind hoping on wheel, I don’t think it looks bad. Kinda cheating with so many hops tho :stuck_out_tongue:

51min of awesome! Loved it.

Don’t like some of adriens combos tho, drags them out a little with the same tricks over and over.

If Luc landed his trick I think Adrien would have been in trouble. And if Adrien didn’t land the 900 vs Loic he would have lost.

what would have been happend if krisz landed his fithoutdoubleflip?

:astonished: was that a side 900°unispin from adrien? (at 49:40)