CFM flat Qualification 2011

Hello everybody, I found this video.

a great run man!!!

Flip-underflip so easy… why do you mock us. Amazing run :open_mouth: so few falls, and one of the falls was a silly one anyway.

It’s really amazing that you’re so consistent at such hard tricks!

Thank you so much :slight_smile:
About the fall, the varial roll to 720 = my hands was wet so when i threw it , it went away.
For the backroll 2.5flip i didn’t understand, this tricks is not hard. ANd for the fakie flip i thought the tie was over so i stoped :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha yes, all the tricks where you fall are easy for you I know(not for me haha), so I would call them silly falls. Its good to see you aim to do your whole run with no falls, I think this is how competitions need to be.

I envy you.

Are there people who aim to fall during their prelims???

Adrien, I’ve already told you, but this is really awesome. Great consistency.


Made me laugh pretty much :stuck_out_tongue: