CF seatpost for MUni?

Hey guys. I am looking for a new seatpost for one of my unicycles. I have the KH adjustable post right now and it is great but cut too short.

I found a carbon seatpost for about the same price as an adjustable KH that should be able to work with the KH bracket. I am thinking of getting that to replace the lower part of the KH seatpost just like some people do with a Thompson.

So… anyone have experience with a CF seatpost on a unicycle? How did you like it? any issues like twisting easily?

If I don’t hear any horror stories I am going to go be a guinea pig and find out if it is a $50 mistake.

I had one on my xc bike and didnt like it. if you get a deep scrach in the seat post it becomes a ticking time bomb.

I’ve not, but I know I’ve seen pictures of people using them for road 36" unicycles (don’t ask me who though).

I would go for it, as long as you don’t trash your muni too much.