CF Seatpost clamp

Has anyone ever used a Carbon Fiber seatpost clamp? I’m thinking about buying one for my trials just cause its pretty awesome looking and super pimp, but if its gonna snap or not hold at all, they its not worth it.

I think as long as you don’t beat the hell out of it it should be fine, carbon fiber can be very resilient given the right types of resin. Besides, a seatclamp doesn’t have to endure that much stress anyway.

where do they have them?

That looks niiiiiiiice.

if they had a double bolted one i might get one…

If I had the cash, I would say, order two, I’ll buy one off you.

I just bid on it. I’m working alot of overtime in the next two weeks so its worth it.

dont do it. i work with CF stuff all day, and 13 lb bikes. the salsa lip lock stronger and onl 34 g. there are other lighter ones too.

also if you do get it, get this too