cf seatbase


i am about to buy an 05kh trials uni, and was just wondering about the seat.
would it be possible to fit the udc carbon fibre seat base to the fusion seat? if not, is there a cf base that i can use?

how much work is envolved in fitting it? and,
will it just bolt on to the standard seat post?

thanks for your help,


slightly differntly - I’ve put the foam from an old KH saddle with a Fusion cover on a UDC carbon fibre base and had no problems seeem to all fit together vcery well . I don’t however know whether the fusion saddle foam is a different shape which may affect things but as the foam is fairly squishy I would have thought that the fusion cover would bele to hold it all together.

Hope that helps a bit


I am making a miyata CF seat and i cut the top part off kh fusion foam and it fits almost perfectly i am just going put a fusion cover on it and it will be awesome.

roger, at UDC UK, has a part in making KH style CF bases…as well as the miyata style bases that are more common. As i understand it, they are to be a replacement base for KH seats.

Im actually using one of the KH style bases in a custom airseat. i like it better than the miyata style cause its narrower where it fits between your legs and therefore wont chafe thighs as much or wear through shorts and seat covers.

It was actually cheaper to order it straight from Roger and have it sent to the US (when i was living there), than to order it from UDC US. Straight from the source, you know? :slight_smile: Im not sure how thatd work for you in Aus though, Max.