CF Seatbase hole position.

It’s been awhile since i’ve really been on the forums, figgure’d i’d return with my fourth(?) CF seatbase thread.

I’ve drilled the holes (on my cf seatbase) set the seat up, and everything is pretty much dandy, except for one thing. i can no longer 1 foot ride, wheel walk, 1 foot wheel walk, going down stairs feels akward, seat in front hopping feels pathetic, and things just dont seem right - compared to my old seat, at least.

FYI: this setup is a CF airseat w/ a KH rail setup and a kinport handle.

INFO: my rearmost seat post holes are 3.5 inches away from the back of the carbon fiber seatbase.

QUESTION: How far away from the back of the seatbase is your holes? is there a standard? the standard i used was “this looks to be about where my old seatpost was”

I’m thinking about re-drilling. it just dosent feel right. my logic is: it’s friggin Carbon Fiber, it can handle it, and I’m not ryan atkins, so breaking it wont be an issue.

Thanks for any help, it’s good to be back.

did u have a rail setup on ur last unicycle? i know i used to be able to ww fairly well until i bought a rail for my trials…now i can’t even go 2 feet. just wondering if that might be the case…


Measuring on the top surface of the seat base, the rear hole centers should be about 4.75" from the rear of the base, at the center of the base. I don’t know exactly how you are taking your measurement.
Regardless of where you mounted it, you should be able to tilt the base to the angle you want, and other than making the front of the base flex more, having it too far back shouldn’t matter much…

This may sound dumb, but be sure you are running the seat the same hieght as before you changed the parts out. I recently changed out some parts and it took me a little while to realize the seat was lower. Duh. In your case it could be higher with the rail adapter.


No i did not have a rail setup on the previous edition of the MUni.
I did not measure the way S_Wallis mentioned, i will do this when i get home. are you measuring with a stiff ruler? or a string that curves to fit the seatbase, then against a ruler. how did you decide on 4.75 inches?

Oops. When you said KH rail adapter I thought you were talking about the adapter with the KH/Schwinn hole pattern. I now realize you probably have the Miyata pattern KH adapter which I still think of as the Wilder rail adapter. With the Miyata pattern adapter you can locate the rear holes the same place they are on a standard plastic Miyata seat, which is 3.75 inches to the center of the holes. That is measured by placing something flat against the back edge of the seat base and measuring from that 3.75" forward. Stiff or flexible ruler, the difference is tiny. It really isn’t that critical and it sounds like yours are probably fine unless you measured quite differently.
Sorry about the confusion.


Were you riding with an air seat before? It could be that the new air seat is a little bit wonky, or lopsided, or too soft, or not shaped right. A change in seat angle will also have an effect on the feel of the unicycle for things like one foot riding and wheel walking. Play around with the seat angle and see if you can dial it in to something that feels right.

i was not riding with an airseat before. i think it is very possible that my extremely thick, cushy, bouncy airseat could be affecting my wheel walk/1 footing. however, when i am standing/going down stairs/sprinting it really feels like it’s about to kick me off the front. also, for seat in front hopping, i cannot grab the back of my seat without hitting my knuckles on the rail. does this sound like a hole position problem, or a seat position problem? would changing my post’s position on the rail be a more effective solution? (it’s currently on the far back of the rail.)

I’ll play around with different setups, and come back with a little more information later on tonight. i’ve got class right now- thanks for the responses… i had almost forgotten what a great recourse this site is.