CF Seat Foam Conversion

So I have had an CF Airseat for a while now, I like it alot for muni, but would like to try something without the bulk and move it over to my Trials Uni. I’m thinking about buying foam to make a 1.5-2.5" pad to put down over the carbon fiber. The only problem is I know little to nothing about different types of foam. I know that I want to get closed cell foam but that is about it.

I called a few places up today and they recomended me a procuct called Poron Foam

It seems like this stuff might be worth a try, I requested a sample of the material to see if its worth buying a chunk of.

Does anyone know of any other places to get good quality foam, or have any advice on using foam with a CF seatbase?

Cheers Mike


Is it possible to buy just the foam that’s used in a KH/Velo seat?

Koxx-One has the slimmer Velo design with both foam and gel. UDC UK has the slimmer design with gel. Is the foam for either of those available separately?

If you get the thick KH foam you could cut it down to half height. Electric carving knives or bandsaws do a good job of cutting foam.