CF Miyata Style Base with KH Foam and cover and Reeder Handle

Okay right now ive got an option to buy a Carbon Fibre Miyata Style Base and a Reeder Handle. But I dont have any Miyata Foam so would my KH Fusion Street foam fit onto the Miyata base nicely? I also would put my KH cover on. So if you guys could help me out that would be great. And if somebody has a Miyata base with KH foam, if they could post pics that would be awesome.



Well, the Scott Wallis base is Miyata shaped and the cover and foam fit, albeit a bit awkwardly. Before I got my Wallis base I had tried to fit the foam and cover onto my old Torker LX base which is Miyata style and it fit as it did on the Wallis base.

Freeride foam + cover on wallis base:

So would you reccomend getting a KH style CF base from Darren and just putting that on my KH fusion Street saddle?


Well like I said the foam works on Miyata but is that for your Trials/Street uni? I’ve been told that the reeder handles are deadly for street riding - especially for unispins because you essentially have a big metal hook spinning around your legs.

Yeah it would be on my Orange KH20. I kinda just think that it would make more sense to buy KH style CF and have a regular KH handle?


I agree.

Okay I will start saving my money…I will maybe work on Friday which could get me like $40 and then Christmas is soon…And I will ask for money so I might purchase one…Maybe.

Does anybody know if Darren sells Kinport handles?


whats a kinport handle?

A kind of handle…I dont have a picture of one so I cant really explain it…But its cool.


last I heard, darren stopped selling kinports awhile ago. the only place I know of that you can still get one is UDCUK. the shipping kills, though.

Shipping to the US for small items is not normally a problem. It is often cheaper than shipping within the US, I will would tell you how much it costs… but the post room is shut for lunch.