CF bash for.....

Would it be worth getting a CF base for my 09 KH saddle. I know the form will fit over the smaller base ans so on… but is it worth getting one???

I should be getting a KH long neck soon is well so if I want my uni lighter should I get a CF base.

Edit: haha put a H in the title instead of a E

everyone should get a CF base, its so nice!

That’s right! Money is “worth it”.

ok so far I’m convenced

lol i actually CAN’T ride plastic bases.I try someones uni with a plastic base and it feels absolutely disgusting

+1 plastic bases are appalling :stuck_out_tongue:

ok but I also have the reinforcement plate for the 09 seat so its still strong

Ok, newbie question time.

Why is seat flex so terrible? What does it lead to?

It can get really bad (anoying) and usually when it is annoying it is broken in two (on the inside).
I would also assume that the flexing can (slightly) take away from your hopping potential.

It also feels totally disgusting to ride.Feels like the seat has suspension :stuck_out_tongue:

Is it just stronger and more lightweight?

To me its all about feel. Yeah, its stronger, but the seat also feels so much stiffer. It just enhances the ride so much more than you’d believe.

ok once I upgrade to a lighter frame eg KH longneck 2010 next week :slight_smile: I will get a CF base. My 09 seat is still strong with no flex at the moment

About 200g lighter because the plastic ones have metal stiffener plates.

That’s a BIG difference.
I might think about getting one now lol!

sweet shell be getting one

i get minre tommorow! yay!
but… ive got a 09 kh saddle, how do u put a cf seat base on with alen bolts?

eproxy glue :smiley:

CF Bases have 0% flex which makes it easier to flip and spin. Also I think they are a bit lighter and slimmer than plastic bases. Finally, plastic bases absorb your jumps and after experiencing a CF base you will want to cry the next time you ride a plastic base.

LOL Cyr when you ride plastic base…