CF base questions.

I just got my first cf base and its a

wesome but now I’m wondering about other cf bases. I always hear specific types when they are talked about. What are the differences between them all?

what specific types?
I know of four common (albeit it some less common than others) types

UDC/gemcrest CF base
Axel base
Exceed CF base
Scott wallis

I dont think the scott wallis bases are made anymore, but that was the only one which took thomson seatposts.
there’s been a few other random people who’ve made some too. :slight_smile:

UDC cf base… thin and you will strip out the square holes in them and ive heard of people breaking them. If your a mellow rider and be sure to be careful with the UDC base it will last you a lifetime i say.

Axel base… super thick, amazing quality and super strong! have yet to hear about anyone breaking them and i cant imagine anyone doing so as well, unless you run it over with a cement truck that is haha

UDC is do it yourself, meaning if you make the holes wrong then yes, yes they will strip.

Mine lasted my 2 years and I just sold it to somebody on here.

You can use epoxy to hold the bolts/nuts tight, then stripping will never be an issue. I never did this, just filed very carefully and it’s been fine.

And it’s stills going strong! :wink:

I have 3 UDC bases, I’ve never had problems with any of them except one that stripped at one hole. I’d really like to see what’s the difference with another kind of CF base though, I can’t really see how it can be stiffer:p

hmmm…this is good to know… maybe i will try a udc cf base then.

Axel base FTW :sunglasses:

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