Central TEXAS question

got my nimbus 36" today… very dissapointed to find it had a hole in the tube. does anyone in central texas sell 36" tubes… i am anxious to ride. thank you.

Personally I don’t ride my 36er much, but I hear that you can get a 29" tube which I believe is a common bike size, and then put baby powder on it, stretch it out, and use that. It also saves a lot of weight.

By the way, I’m up in the Dallas area, if you’re ever passing through let me know and we can probably arrange a ride, there are several unicyclists here. :slight_smile:

sadly, no bike shops will have them, you’d have to order one from unicycle.com or coker.

I’m assuming you got it used? If it’s just a small hole and not a rip, just patch it with a standard patch kit you can get at a bike shop for 2 bucks. If you’ve never done it, ask them how, remember to clean it off really well before you apply the patch to ensure it seals properly. You shouldn’t patch 29er tubes because they’re overstretched, but patching a 36er tube should be no problem : )

brand new

thanks for the advice. i did patch it and slime it and it still has a slow leak. if it is not sealed by morning i will buy a 29" tube. this uni is brand new from unicycle.com

thanks for the invite :slight_smile:

29" Tube

I train for distance with a 36" inner tube, to show up on game day with more endurance and strength. Whatever is capable of puncturing a 29" innertube is very likely going to just as easily puncture a 36" inner tube. There were “goatheads” in the panhandle where I lived in Texas and they will very nicely put a leak in any 36" inner tube you can buy.

If you fill a 29" inner tube with air it will easily surpass the diameter of the rim by a wide margin. Straight out of the pkg. the 29" tube will fit without a problem at all. It is not like a “birthday baloon” that is going to pop in your face because it is overfilled.

The main issue is making sure when you fill it, that it is in inside the tire completely as you slowly fill the inner tube.

Train with a heavy 36" inner tube, but for fun and events ride with a 29" tube …it makes a way bigger difference than you would think. Add the Slime in both cases to be safe in Texas

call udc and tell them it came with a hole in it, they’ll probably send a new one free. when i got my new nimbus 36 it immediately had a blowout, and they sent me a new tire.

I just checked my email and saw your message to the Austin unicycle group (we have lots of 36er riders if you’re ever up here for a visit :slight_smile: ). I agree with DSchmitt. Your best bet is to call UDC and tell them what happened.

thanks for the advice.

i am not worried about it. i am sure they will fix the problem. it just sucks to have to mess with it, being new and all.

sup bud? thanks for the invite… but after having ridden around the block i realized one thing… damn that was tiring and it will probably be a while before i can keep up with you youngsters!

haha when you’re new to riding on a 36" you do get very tired very fast, I remember how tiring it was for me when I first started. Don’t worry though you’ll become more efficient the more you ride. Now I can hop on and do like a 10mile warmup:)

I’ll probably be going down to SA for a few days next year, don’t know if i’ll be able to bring my uni yet.