Central Park

Hi all. I’m going to be in the city this weekend, and i’m bringing my 20" and
maybe my dad’s 24". I’m not quite sure when I’ll be in the park, but when i am
it will most likely be in the bandshell. If anyone has nothing better to do, and
doesn’t mind riding with a 16 year old, feel free to contact me. Maybe we can
set a time to meet and ride a bit. My e-mail is JFatSmokes@aol.com -David

Re: Central Park

My14 year old would like to join you, if you wish, but it would have to be
another time. He is an avid Municylist! He has become terrific on steep and
rough trails as well as over 20 miles straight, one afternoon. Stay in touch, if
you like. Sincerely,