Central Park Whoever knew

Who loves to hop??

I’ve lived in NY my whole life(39yrs) and just found out how much fun you can have hopping around Central Park. I live 30 minutes out of the city but 30 minutes can’t stop me from hopping around the most awesome rock structures around. It feels like the park built them just for Uni trials (beginner to advanced).

I live on the Long Island Greenbelt trail which is 20-30 miles of great off road riding but, nothing like these rocks.

I spent 2hrs at 100 degrees in the park yesterday (Monday) with my KH24” Freeride and I stayed at the same rock formation. There are hundreds of rock formations in the park and I’m sure many are perfect for us to play. Next I will bring the KH20” For more air.
After 2hrs on the rocks I hopped all over the Museum of Natural History. There are tons of steps, ledges and more.

If anyone is local enough and wants to hop through the park one weekend I’m in.
The NY unicycle club (Unatics) meets the first Sunday and third Saturday of each month at Grants Tomb, after the meeting would be the best time.

Here are some Pictures, I am working on a gallery so next trip I can post the video.

central park 001r.jpg

A Rock Amusement Park

Fun Anyone?

central park 002r.jpg


central park 003r.jpg

The only caveat is you might need a glass-proof tire for some of those rocks. Yes, we had fun playing on them before there was any such thing as MUni!




central park 004r.jpg

BTW, here’s another nice Long Island one:



I’m Done

2hrs + 100degrees =

Awesome fun, Adam!

I’ll learn how to hop and PM you next time I’m in the city!


All Your Old Stomping Grounds? They are doing just fine.

Any secret area’s you can recommend?
Let us know when you plan to be back for some NY fun. If you need a place to stay on the Greenbelt just let me know.


Lucky! In the fall I’ll be about and hour away from NYC, I’d love to come up for a ride there.


Re: John

We only rode in a few of the more obvious areas. The one in the old Christmas card is somewhere in the southern part of the park. Another place we had some fun is more up toward the middle of the park, where that little lookout tower is. There are some big rocks there. But we were always tourists when we came into the city, and I didn’t get to know the park very well.

Thanks for the kind offer. I’d love to ride the old Greebelt again someday, but I don’t know when that will be. We were out there last October, but stayed in the City and only made it out to LI for one day, to visit some old friends.