Central Park, NY Ride?

Hey, so my school takes a trip to New York every year to see an Opera. I think it’s coming up in the next couple months.

Anyways, I was trying to see if I could bring my unicycle and try to hook up with some New York riders to show me some fun places to ride. (Probably be starting in or close to Central Park)

I’d probably be getting there afternoonish and have until that night to mess around and get back to the Lincoln Center.

I’ll update with dates and times as the the date approaches (or when I find it out to begin with)
Just trying to get a semblance of people who are interested.


My trip is on Thursday. We’ll be pulling up at the Lincoln Center around 2:30 and I must return around 6:30.

Wondering if now that there’s a date in mind if someone (or ones) would be interested in riding around Central Park or something.

Also, I’m not sure they’ll let me bring my uni on the bus (and I don’t know if I’ll be able to get back to the bus before the performance) so would anyone have an extra uni I could ride for the day if we meet up?

check your PMs