Central PA: Wobbling Lions Summer Schedule

Hello Unicyclists!
Spring is here and it’s time to ride. We will begin meeting Wednesday, April 4th weather permitting.

I am looking for voluntary club officers to help with the organization and supervision of the club. Let me know if you’d like to help!

Last year was a great first season for the Wobbling Lions. Let’s make it another.

Very soon see us at:

Club Meeting
(All are welcome, emphasis on freestyle, street, teaching, and outreach):
Wednesdays 6:00pm-8:00pm In front of “Old Main” on Penn State’s Campus
parking is available downtown and in some locations on campus.

Wobblers and Hoppers
(All are welcome, emphasis on teaching and trials):
Saturdays 10am-12noon
Ferguson Elementary Playground, Pine Grove Mills, PA (out 45, 2 blocks past the yellow flasher on the right)
I will bring things to hop over and onto and obstacles for trials. We don’t want to destroy the playground.

Club Muni Ride
Alternate Saturdays Beginning April 14, 1:30pm
Location variable. Carpooling available

Blake…interested in becoming an affiliated club in the Unicycling Society of America?

Hi Wendy,
I am interested. This is our second season. If people turn out this year, I’ll be in touch about it. I am hoping to send some folks from the club to nationals to represent us this year. I went last year, you know, but a certain someone in my age bracket easily took ALL the gold! :wink:

I put our website up yesterday (Take a look!), so hopefully that will draw people.

Thanks for your dedication to Unicycling.