Central PA vs Queens, NYC

Hi Folks,

Since I’m pretty new to the forum I don’t know who’s from where and what’s going on around the US!

I’m looking at two potential job offers one in State College PA and one in Queens NY. I must weigh the uni-verse in my decision, of course!

SO: What’s going on in the unicycle scenes in these places? What events, clubs, styles, etc?! Are there any great trails for coker riding? Active groups for street riding? Muni gangs?


Pa has alot (not realy) of unicyclists. Swat and unicyclePA are both from pa there are alot of grate palces it ride in pa both muni and trials

And me I am in neither SWAT or PA… Queens is where you should go, my dad is from there. But central PA aint nothing. Philly baby!


There are also some active nattie trials/MUni guys from New Jersey that are very good and ride all the time and are very friendly. A few of us are doing road tour training.