Central Florida - Ocala, Lady Lake

i’m going to visit my father for the weekend and i might have some free time to uni while my brother and father golf. not sure i’ll bring one. but i’ll make that decision based on any replies here. wish i had access to a coker because the retirement community / city where my father lives has miles and miles of golf cart lanes and paths that go everywhere. it’s a big place. don’t want to fly with the coker.

there are several places for muni near ocala. anyone interested in doing any of that this weekend? anybody want to lend me a coker?


The “Vortex” is a must see.

There is plenty to ride without risking limbs nearby also.

Ocala weekend

Mr. Lancaster! I would be HONORED to return your hospitality and be your host for your time in Ocala, but alas, I am not yet equipped!

I’m planning on becoming a multi-uni owner soon, but not by this weekend. Also, I’m going to California on business next Monday, and this weekend is going to be crazy-busy.

I would encourage anyone reading this to ride with Eric if you have a chance. He’s a cool dude!!

Eric, I’m gonna PM you later for some Muni advice…