Central canada street/ muni weekend 2009?

A friend and I have been tossing around the idea of a weekend of riding in my home town of Kenora Ontario. The thought behind it is that its a very central location so hopefully that would make it easier for more riders to come out. So hopefully that could appeal to riders everywhere. Driving distance to Kenora from Toronto is roughly 24-28 hrs drive, and from vancouver its aroung 30hrs drive. But if anyone is so inclined as to fly out we can arrange for a shuttle to pick people up in winnipeg.

But anyways this is just an idea right now and it really all depends on who wants to come out. I can promise, this would be a great weekend. Iv already talked to an old employer of mine and he said that he is willing to make a contribution. A 3day expenses paid vacation at Totem resorts. These trips arn’t cheap but believe me, they are well worth it.

As for riding, Kenora just had a new skate park built. Its a mixed park with lots of small ledges and rails and a few hidden gaps. A real fun park for uni. Im gonna get some video of it the next time im home. As for muni, the possibilities are endless. We’re talking some narly trails.

Accomodations. There are alot of less expensive hotels in Kenora. But if you would rather just tent it, my parents own 20acres outside of town and they have no problems with guests.

Like I said this is still a rough idea and if anyone has any input it would be greatly appreciated. Have a happy new year and keep on rollin.

I’d be there. Maybe I could catch a ride with you or something? I’d split fuel costs.

Looks interesting, I had to look up where Kenora Ontario was on google earth and have to say it looks like a great location that should have some interesting MUni trails.

Any idea of when you would be putting this on? I never really know what I will be doing a few months from now let alone in a year and a half but if I am around I will try to make it for-sure, sounds fun.

well I was planning on the summer of 2009 cause that would give lots of time to figure out whos coming. But Im definately gonna be tripping out there this summer. so maybe we should try and set something up for this summer. what ever works for people. I just wanna see how many people we could get to come out. Cause I know there are alot of riders in southern ontario and it would be alot easier for them to travel to kenora then for them to travel out west. But I think we should definately set something up this summer. maybe a little later in the season. around august maybe?

I might be able to fly up if it is happening.

Ive got reletives in Winnipeg…my mom always would like to visit…haha i would maybe be intrested:p. Any Trials?

I honestly can’t really think of any REAL good trials spots. The best stuff would all be natural. It’s at the very tip of the canadian shield so there are alot of real cool rock formations. I have some friends whose parents own Minaki Yurt Adventures and they have bike camps in the summer. They would probably have a good idea as to where there would be some good trials. I’ll be sure to ask. If not. I’ll probably be bringing Danni with me so I’m sure we could put something together. The resources would be there for sure.

Well I live in winnipeg and I would be down