Central California Off Road Unicycle Boogie

Is there interest in a CenCal event?
I was unable to find much, So should we do our own?
I have never run a Unicycle event, But have plenty of Motorcycle race officiating experience.

And I would like to test the interest of what area unicyclists would like for a Show and/or Competition.
I have access to 10 acres of private land in the Fresno area that has a nice Motocross, Flattrack, and kids section as well as a Trials area that can be used for various training, Fun and Competition, the soil content is a mix of sand and clay from flat to steep with small and large hills (jumps), along with a nice Clubhouse with Facilities, Barbeque, Shaded deck, Awning etc.

I also have two dirt track ovals, one is covered from the elements, with Grandstands, Restrooms, R.V.hookups etc.
And the other has a TT option (kidney shaped track) as well as an oval with Grandstands, Restrooms, and nearby gas, stores etc.
I thought with all my race and promoting experience, We could have a decent event.
I formaly Started Motocross races for California Motocross assoc.
I have worked as a race stager for www.arenacross.com and www.fresnomotorcycleclub.com. I also assist with programming and operations of a local Go-Cart race series, So we could do something. So tell me what you want in a Unicycle event, and maybe we can gang up on the effort and make it happen. I’m planting the seed, And I listen.
I will be happy to answer any questions/feedback you have.
All Unicycle event promoters encouraged to respond.

Traditionally there was a California Muni Weekend every year in August/September it’s location varied from NorCal to SoCal. But someone fudged it all up and moved the event to Canada, ewwww. I’d definitetly attend if someone created another event in lieu of the disgusting relocation of one of our formerly awesome unicycle events.

A California Muni Weekend is “built” around a selection of the best mountain rides in a particular region. Mountains are, after all, the M in Muni.

All the other events such as trials, street, etc. are just the side dishes that go with the main course. Sure it’d be fun to ride a moto-X course, but I wouldn’t drive a few hours, make camping / hotel arrangements / etc. for just that. It sounds like you definitely have plenty of side dishes…

So what is the main course? If you can nail this down, the rest of the weekend is much easier to plan.

Muni weekends have gone off in the past with as little premise as a few good trails. We’ve also had full-blown weekends with street competitions, trials courses, buffet dinners, etc. It can be a grand production or it can be a couple dozen guys car camping. At either end of the scale, tons of fun can be had… it just boils down to what you want to make it.

Says the schmuck who hasn’t been to a Cal Muni Weekend for how many years now?

In other words, you wouldn’t go down to Fresno to ride unicycles unless somebody paid you, right? :smiley:

Sounds like Goldan is looking for suggestions from possible attendees on what activities they would like. Joe Campbell has done one or more events in the area, so that “crowd” might be more established for the Fresno area. There is always room for other types of unicycle gatherings…

And I’m sure the California MUni Weekend will return to California next year! Or to Nevada. Right, Catboy? :slight_smile:

Fresno…I live about 70 miles south in Delano. Make it on a Saturday, and I would be there. Sounds like fun.

Muni weekends have gone off in the past with as little premise as a few good trails. We’ve also had full-blown weekends with street competitions, trials courses, buffet dinners, etc. It can be a grand production or it can be a couple dozen guys car camping. At either end of the scale, tons of fun can be had… it just boils down to what you want to make it.

OK, john, maestro,catboy, Got it. Excellent feedback. And good points made to be sure. But that’s what we need, What do the people want !?
So now that I had a really great riding session with Joseph C. today, and after reading your posts, I have a better feel to start with.
Even tho I feel sore as haiti’s right now, but it’s a good sore.
Sounds like either some really cool spot around Coarsegold, Ca.
with boulders rocks, logs and wooded hilly terrain, OR, the trials/muni complex at Wordward Park in north Fresno, Ca. would be better options.
We need to talk further on this.
I would like to be put in touch with people/persons who Orginized, or worked the previous events, that went off pretty well, and converse with them, which is what I do.
We’re talking about getting “like minded”, good people together who are willing to work toward a common cause.
It isn’t rocket science to me.
What about each event, did you really like, and what would you change?
Terrain, Promotions, Primes, Prizes, Food, Music, Accomodations, Classes, Structure, Layout, Attitudes, Weather, People, Sponsors, Vendors, Whatever…
Lay it on me man.
Now is the time to speak, I’m taking notes.
And thanks…seriously, Thanks for your feedback.
Dan “the Starter Man” Staples

Thanks JBAB, Stay on this, talk to who ever you know guys. We’ll see how it goes. I realize it’d be a lot of work, especially 4 me, But I’m not lazy, And I’ll talk to anyone, no matter how humble, or shinney their their “silver spoon” may be. People are people.

Every location has it’s own unique terrain. As long as there’s some downhill with some technical sections, there’s potential for awesome Muni. Got a weekend’s worth of rides? Then you’ve got yourself a Muni weekend!

The most memorable Muni weekends, for me, stood out for different reasons.

The organizers of San Diego Muni weekend had AWESOME sponsors: Fat Tire beer, Simple clothing and shoes, everyone left with 2x as much as they packed for the weekend! Good food, nice venues, but most importantly, amazing downhill with views of the ocean.

The group camping for Santa Barbara Muni weekend was amazing… right on the ocean cliffs. Any weekend spent camping with a bunch of unicyclists is a good one. Throw in long, technical muni rides and I’m in heaven.

We had rain for one day of the Santa Cruz Muni weekend, but it didn’t seem to bother many. Plenty of smiles in the pizza parlor following the ride!

Even though there is world-class terrain at the resorts near Truckee, we seem to have more fun riding the back country trails. Some people even skip the resort ride just to save the $$$ and have just has much fun!

What it all boils down to, though, is the spirit of the weekend. It’s a bunch of unicyclists getting together to ride. As long as the basics are there (noteworthy rides, group accommodation, food, maybe a post-ride activity) it’s going to be a great weekend. It’s up to you / your vision how to fill out the rest of the weekend.

Big thanks for the input maestro8, JBAB, john foss, Catboy, I know it can’t be done without a group Good people, a good large group of like minded people. But I think the picture is getting colored in real well with all the experienced feedback you guys are posting. I’m a little more motivated with each post you guys take the time to send. Thanks. And even though I’m too tired (work) to say much else, I feel I can at least say thanks, BIG thanks. It takes time, especially to do it cool, fun and right. I won’t quit easily, And hope U guy’s don’t either.