centerparcs trip

Some days ago I went to centerparc with my familie (and uni) :stuck_out_tongue: (it is a stupid place were you can go on holiday to)
There wasn’t much to do, so I made a movie! It isn’t a very good movie because I didn’t found really good lines, But I still hope you will enjoy it :wink:

nice! i specially like the bail in the end:D

Nice vid! Big hops!

It’s boring to say: But also awesome again…
Mooi filmpje man…
alles erop en eraan !!!
Blijf me verbazen…

Which center parcs is that? Alister Burt and I (not together)went to the center parcs in cumbria even though we didnt see each other:D It wasnt too bad their but there were quite a few skinnies :wink:

considering tim lives in belguim i think it might be one there :smiley:

Nice movie Tim, was it just a hickflip you did down the ledge?

This video is very:) good :D!!! How long do you drive unicycle ???

Nice vid, dude!
I really liked you precision

Hi is there any videos teaching how to do the stunt at 30 seconds , thanks


Id take my uni if I went on a boring family holiday aswell :stuck_out_tongue:

Good riding.

awesome video. Liked the line with the 5 spin, sideflip, and in-in 3 spin. And the trials line where you went backwards on the skinny:)