centering wheel on frame?

i just got my wheel re-built with new bearings… when i went to put my frame back on my wheel and theres olny like 3mm of clearance on one side! (Alex DX32 and norco frame) whats wrong? Help!

Your wheel may be dished more on one side than the other if it was built poorly. If so, it needs to be properly trued.

Your bearings may not be centered or fully pressed onto the axle. Is the hub new? If so, it is suspect. If not, are the bearings pressed all the way onto the old axle?

The legs of your frame may be different lengths.

The bearing holders may be unequally tightened or not fully engaged.

Did they use your uni frame when trueing the wheel?

One of our clubs’ kids recently bought a “United 20-inch Trials Cycle with Monty Wheel and Miyata Saddle”. When he put the wheel in the frame the “right” way it was off center, we spun it around 180 and it fit perfectly, we then just switched the crankes. So in his case the frame was off center and the wheel was built to match, they had just put the cranks on the wrong side…

My frame has two legs of different lengths. They’re actually quite badly off and even with little bits of a coke can between the bearing holders and the bearings, I’ve got about 0.5mm on one side and about 2mm on the other. This has been fine for three muni rides on all sorts of terrain so don’t stress too much about your 3mm clearance! I built my wheel so of course it’s not that :).