Center Grove unicycling

Center Grove Boys Swim Team unicycling in the student parking lot.
after school sesh…
Edited by Zander Nunnelly

Good video, remember to hop towards your open hand, it gives you better balance and control.

That was good, looked like a lot of fun.

Highlight of video was definetly 6:44. haha

do you guys know jack sheehan???


Yes I know Jack. And question… Should i switch to using my right hand to hold the seat since i jump right foot forward?

Yeah, it made me lol. Very entertaining vid. Good to see guys who don’t know what they are doing. Like me.

Just jump the other direction. You should learn to jump either way. Remember to lean into your jumps. Very important. Start falling over for the big side hops.

Nice to see such a big group of riders.

ha. ya i joined the swim team this year, brought my uni to a party… and this happend. haha

bahahahaha really??!! that’s some crazy stuff.


Ya how do you know him and did u hear what happened after he came back to center grove. I am guessing u know him from wen he went to school in evansville for a couple of weeks

please please tell me wheatless wonder!!!

I’m curious