cell phone back ground


who is that guy?

i bought it:D


thats awesome! if i had a cellphone i’d buy it!


i want a cell phone just so i can have that background!
i havent had one EVER, though… never really needed one THAT bad…

How did you find that?

you can find everything with GOOGLE

if you have acamera phone you can take pictures of things and set them as your b-ground or i think someone can send them to you

I jsut got a new cellphone and was searching for a background and found that one, I bought it and now it’s the wallpaper of my cellphone but it’s kind of lame because the word Cingular cuts off his head and ruins the compositions.

The image is owned by Corbis if anyone wants to pursue finging out who it is.

This is my cellphone background (with some cropping):

I love your background Ken, it’s awesome! I don’t so much like the Muni one, but that’s just me. Sadly, my phone doesn’t let me have a background…it’s one the Ye Olde style phones that is only black and not black…blue light though :stuck_out_tongue:

I bought a replacement for my AT&T phone on eBay. It was $74, but it has a camera with decent resolution and it’s just pretty sweet looking.

motorola v505

I´ve heard about a software for mobile phones with a camera, that makes it possible to make videos longer than 30 seconds! Good thing! because you always have a mobile phone with you if you see a good spot .And who got a camera the hole time in his pocket?

I got a shiny new nokia 6230i with camera, mp3, video and all that stuff.

I had a 1Gb memory card in it so it was loaded up with unicycle videos.

This image was my bg, it looked dead good with red text on top of it.

Mind you, it didn’t last long. I had it for less than two weeks and it was stolen from a school I was working in.

Back to the old mobile for me. It rings, texts, and wakes me up. What more does a fone need to do?


Beautiful photos, Ken! Were they all taken on your mobile? Is that the biggest size photo it takes? The colours are surprisingly nice for a mobile (if they were all taken with it).

I love the idea of having a camera built into a mobile because I’ve always got my mobile with me and often wish I had a camera (I have an old Nokia 2100). It’s going to have to get up to around 3 megapixels before I’m interested in buying one though. I actually wouldn’t mind having a slightly bigger phone if it had a decent camera built into it. I think a digital SLR is going to come first though…they’ve really been dropping in price.


No it doesn’t look quite that good on the mobile.
But it’s still nice :stuck_out_tongue:

I think that picture might be out of Universe 2 where they’re doing the rock line with the mountains in the background. Not sure though.

found a bigger one


This is my cell-background…


I downloaded that wallpaper for free :-D…he he…I got hte properties of hte picture, saved the picture onto my computer, then sent hte picture to my phone from my comp…im too cheap…

Do you have that picture in like 1280x1024? I’d like it to be my desktop background. If so, could you upload it somewhere? That’d be great!


Thanks for asking. Yes you’re welcome to use as your desktop background. It’s of Beau and Nathan Hoover descending over the Grosse Sheidegg pass into Grindelwald in Switzerland. I think that’s the Eiger in the background

Unfortunately, most the photos from the AUT are still on Andy Cotters computer, so I haven’t got higher res versions of it yet. I can email it to you when I get it though, or you can contact him via www.unitours.org