CBA News - Extreme Unicycling

So we made this video some what copying UniCore on Channel 9 news, except with a big twist.

Jordan acts, I edit, film, narrate as Bob Shangle.

Youtube - LQ

Youtube - HQ

Enjoy. :slight_smile:

Isaac, and Jordan.

please comment

poor uni…

poor boy…

wheres the original?

Ahahah !

Like I already told you, I really laughed alot at this, mostly at the end when you got kicked out of your own house.

Eh, I think you should also post the other one about skating you did, which made me LOL even more than this one I think.

Very funny !

That is “Hands Off”.

I guess you can say Jordan and I have alot of time on our hands :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha I think you have just inspired me to make a pointless random cheesey vid :stuck_out_tongue: what to do, hmmm.

Funny. I liked hands off better though. I watched that a few days ago.

Haha, I didn’t know you could suffer from anger management!

I lol’ed.

But you shouldn’t throw your uni. Unless your frame snaps in the middle of filming for a callout video of course.