Cause of injury

We’ll be starting up the parade riding soon (the kids never get enough of that) and it got me to thinking of something that happened last year. Without notice a small child ran out from the large crowd to grab some candy that was in the middle of the road. Fortunately, I was able to swerve in time, yet the potential is there for injuring a bystander – catch an edge, lose balance, more human obstacles that suddenly appear…

I’m wondering if others have had similar experiences and/or if you’ve actually injured another person accidentally. :astonished:

If a kid runs out into the parade without looking left and right, consider it a learning experience. For the child and the parents. :slight_smile:

That said, you have to expect such things to happen in a parade scenario. Not just kids but adults, random people on bikes who think they belong in your parade unit, street vendors, and the dreaded horse poop. And from a riding perspective, potholes, cracks, sewer grates parallel with your wheel, and train tracks. And for you giraffe riders, low branches, wires, etc.

Parade riding requires a different set of awareness skills. It’s definitely simpler than riding in traffic, but stuff can still happen. As unicyclists we move faster than most things in a parade, so we have to really pay attention.

One day I was riding my 36" while a friend of mine was jogging next to me. We were in the middle of a conversation, yet somehow he wasn’t paying attention to me asking"which way now?" at a junction, and ran right in front of me.

No injuries, just a little UPD, but pretty funny. It proves a valuable point though: if you can be in the middle of a conversation with somebody and still run in front of them, you can sure do it as a bystander.