Caught in the Act!

Our dear Sofa, who decries using brakes in this thread, has been caught boasting IN THE GENERAL CYCLING PUBLIC about his uni brake.

You can see the incriminating pics on the Magura Cult site, under “Maggie Pic Page”. His flagrant disregard for not only his own opinion, but also all sense of good taste, can be seen in the color he chose for his brake.

“tch tch tch” shakes head and waggles finger


speaking of, I just got my KH 24x3 and im loving it. my friend is bringing up a magura set he used to have on his bike, for me.

Do I really need a break booster? Anything else I should know about the breaks?

The best thing to do, Nick, is to read the Magura websites thoroughly, including downloading the manuals and reading them. Be sure to determine of what type your friend’s brakes are.

Magura boosters are designed to help prevent fork spread resulting in loss of force (see the site for their words). Since your uni has short arms and a substantial gusset, and since you are probably not using it to lock up the wheel, then I don’t think that it will help. If you are locking up the wheel and using substantial braking force (like KH on the stairs in ITTD), then a booster may be of help.

The booster opinion is based solely on reading and thought, not on experience. Perhaps others may have differing opinions or additional thoughts.

i loved the brake…but also take a look at what I was calling a MUni at the time!

Could I have ever been so young?

You don’t need a booster with the KH frame. The KH has the two bolt trials style brake mount which doesn’t need a booster. The more standard single post style mount does benifit from the use of a booster because the booster keeps the brake from pivoting on the single mounting post.

Breaks in your frame are a bad thing. The frame could fail. Brakes, however, are a good thing.

You may need the Magura mounts (the silver “C” shaped things in the catalog picture in the above link). But I think you can do it with the regular mounts intended for the post mounts can work with some creativity and washers and stuff.

Read the Magura Cult page for more info and tips on installing and adjusting Magura brakes.

I am glad this came up.

I just got some of the braze on mounts and I need to know is you really have to get them brazed on, or can I just have someone weld them on.

As I understand it brazing on is slightly different than normal welding and I assume that you have to get some one to braze them o, but on they say something like this "
This mounting kit is for those with access to welding equipment"
Which leads me to believe that you can just weld them on.

I have no idea if there is really a difference or not I just did a quick google search on brazing and it showed there was a big difference and a regular welder couldn’t do it.

I am trying to get a brake running for Cali Muni Weekend.
Although it wont be the end of he world is I cant set it up I just figure since I am setting one up it makes more sense to try to get it done before downevill rather than after.


most munis have magura mounts as opposed to evolution adapters and regular vbrake mounts. with the evolution adapters the break booster is much more effective.

having said that though i’ve ridden a uni with evolution adapters and maguras and i could lock up the wheel realy solid and not be able to shift it.

Check out the Magura Cult Page > General Info > Boosters for a discussion of the role of boosters.

I MIG welded them on my Hunter and a Yuni, I have yet to have a problem.