Cateye Moonride photos

Just finished the album for our photos from the weekend:

Kens pics

Lot’s of crazy insane photos including pics of the naked guy.

Also check out Jez’s photos:
Jez’s pics


Ken :stuck_out_tongue:

WOW!! Great job Ken!! How was the 29er for the course? I’m really loving mine for regular trails. I went out for my first night off road ride on the 29er last night. I’ve commuted a lot at night and I used to mountain bike at night too. I was really flying last night. I always get kind of spooked by riding the trails at night alone. I just about ran head on into a dear too. I came around a corner fast and I was staring into these glowing eyes. Congradulations again on the ride. Looked like pianfully fun way to spend the weekend.