Catching the Seat w/ 360 Unispins

Hey, I know there’s been a lot of talk on 360 unispins, but I have a problem that I haven’t ever read about. When I attempt a 360 unispin, I can usually get at least one foot on a crank/pedal. Sometimes I even get both, but the seat and frame are allready on the ground. Essentially what I’m saying is that I can’t catch the seat. I can do 180s to seat-in really easy, so should I just try to land 360s to seat-in? Or has anyone else had this problem and come up with a solution? I appriciate the help.


Edit: When spinning, I have both hands on the left side of the seat–my left at about the middle, and my right just above it. I use both hands to spin, and I let go.

I’m not the best to answer this question, seeing how I haven’t landed one yet. But I think your problem is probably about ‘staying over the uni’. If you’re throwing the uni out in front of you, that’s what is causing the frame to fly forward. You could try and land them seat in too though. W/e works better for you.

So… Am I supposed to jump, bring the uni underneath me, spin, and land with it out in front of me? Or, is it possible to spin the uni with the frame at about an 10 degree angle?

Heh…it’s a matter of keeping your body directly over the wheel and keeping the saddle as close to you as possible.

But again, I’m no expert.

I, like Chex, haven’t landed one yet, but I’ve practiced a lot so I think I can help…try spinning it on the ground, and make sure the seat stays just about vertically above the wheel the whole time. It needs to stay above the wheel…if it’s spinning wildly to the sides or something, then you should practice just spinning it on the ground.

And just try to keep the unicycle right under you the entire time. If you land seat in, that’ll be sweet, and there’s a better chance you’ll stick it, but if you land seat out there’s a better chance you’ll drop the seat or land with uneven weight on the pedals and wobble and fall.

Dropping the seat is something I’ve had trouble with too, actually, so I’m looking forward to seeing what other people say (:

I’ve recently begun landing them and I find landing seat in is the easiest. When you jump, jump forward and try to land a bit ahead of yourself.

Yeah you just have to stay over the uni. They are really easy if you do that and you will land them sorta seat under.

we both know about almost landing them seat under don’t we… actually i think i do land them seat under with a hand on it.

but yeah land over the uni and you will have to land it seat under. or if you don’t just leave the hand closer to the handle on. your hand can spin far enough despite the fact it seems like you are about to break it.

The best way to do it, and I’ve noticed most of the people who do them to seat in do them this way, especially with treyflips. When you jump, start rotatit the seat, and then remove your left hand fomr it and continue the motion with your right. As soon as the handle comes past 270 degrees, grab it with your left hand and remove your right hand. This was you can land completely over the seat in a natural way. Just practice this motion and getting it as fast as you can. Then all it takes is commitment.

Kevin McMullin

Wait for my unispin tutorial in UNI mag, it’s top notch. Listen to Kevin though, he’s pretty much got it, plus, like others have said, try and land it seat in, it’s alot easier.


All good advice, I think it was said before, but I would like to make it very clear.
Dont let got of the seat.
If the set is hitting the ground, it means you are dropping it, keep yer hand on the seat at the way around. Stick it right back under yer legs, like you would if you were just jump mounting.

A lot of people let go of the seat and catch it.

Yes I am aware… tho his problem is keeping the seat under him. Not letting go will surely help that problem. Letting go of the seat and catching it is in my opinion(and i beleive many others) much harder, tho will be usefull when doing more tech tricks.
Why criticize my imput? Seams rude. In the begining you even said you havnt even landed one. I have landed many of them. Not letting the seat go helps to keep the seat under you, you can switch hands or keep the same hand on the seat. It was just a usefull tip.
Some people may close there eyes and scream “hot potato!” hell everyone has there own way. I was just posting what helped me land it. Seeing as I can do them.

I wasn’t criticizing your input. And what I said certainly wasn’t rude. Had I said something like “what on earth are you talking about?! That’s the most ridiculous advice I’ve ever seen. What a useless piece of information.” - Then that would’ve been rude. I was just adding my .02 in addition to everything you said. I didn’t say there’s anything wrong with holding onto the seat, I was just saying that i ‘think’ most unicyclists let go of the seat for a brief moment. But again, as you have noted, I have not landed yet one yet…so I’m not calling myself an expert on the subject.

EDIT: I gave that “hot potato” method a try…WORKS LIKE A CHARM! heh heh :slight_smile:


ok sorry about that, just thought it was weird you quoted me and then added the letting go thing. I just feel pretty strongly that keeping a hand on the seat will help him land it.

It’s cool. No hard feelings :slight_smile:

Here is a slow motion unispin. I made the file very small so the quality is not perfect. You can see how my hands are tho… note that keep my left(front) hand on all the way around unitll the uni is back to forwards, and then I grab the handle with my right(handle grabbing)hand

Hope it helps

Hey, thanks for all the help. I tried them again today, and I filmed myself. I watched the tape… and I realized that I actually spin the uni really really slowly, and I bring it about 6" off the ground. I just jump like 10’ in the air. Haha, I didn’t have a whole lot of time to stay outside and fix my problems because it got dark. Tomarrow I think I’ll spend a while woking on spinning the uni faster, keeping the uni ON the ground, and staying over the uni. I’ll report back tomarrow :wink:


Agent Q- I dunno if it’s just my computer… but that link doesn’t work for me.

Sorry, it got moved.

Wow, that’s great help. You could easily do 540’s if you left the uni on the ground. You picked it up a lot. But I guess I’m not one to talk, haha.