Catching flips in the air.

I sometimes have trouble crankfliping things because i flip too fast. Are you meant to catch it in the air like mike clark does in defect or just flip slower?

this is off topic but can you ride on your stomach like in you avatar?

…you flip the cranks too fast doing a crankflip?

Oh, you poor, poor thing.

:roll_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue:

You can do them either way. I usally spin them kinda slow on bigger sets just cause i haven’t learned to catch them early that well. I think catching them early has way better advantages.


I think it is much better to catch the flip early. It is much more controlled. If you watch skateboarders (good ones) do flip tricks off stuff, you will see the catch the flip trick way before they are even close to the ground. The really good ones even catch the flip trick while they are still above the obstacle they are jumping off of.

Although really slow flips look kind of cool if done right.

I’m sure this has been spoken about at some point already but I’d like to see someone do a doubleflip where they catch it early and flip it again in the air… front to front, front to back, back to back, back to front… what would you call that? Stutterflip?

I just learnt to catch my flips. It makes it so much easier and it looks cooler. :slight_smile: Now i can start working on a “flip late rev”

i like that idea what about switchflip or crankswitch?

Is it much harder? I have trouble with normals after I do a few doubles. I flip them to fast after a while. Good luck with the rev flips :slight_smile:


hahaha This is rad. Finally people talking about two tricks in one jump. that’s rad. awesome

Stutterflip, wow pete66, I really like that idea, damn. Like crankflip latecrankflip, shorted to flip/stutterflip.

Crankflip kickbackcrankflip, maybe like, flip underflip, that’s skateboarding too, so i don’t know.

I really like stutterflip though, no sarcasim.

-Shaun Johanneson

p.s. It’s really hard, hahaha.

one more thing. Catching them late makes sets so easy. I went from doing a 5 set, but never wanting to do it again, learned how to catch it early then hit an 8 set just days later. Earlier is way better.

-Shaun Johanneson