Catagory of Uni-rider?????

Where do I find the catagories that I keep reading about?
I think they are 1 thru 10?

I would like a printable version, any help? --chirokid–

Re: Catagory of Uni-rider???

What you’re looking for are the 10 skill levels for freestyle unicycling. Info on the 10 skill levels can be found on the following web sites:
<; USA rules
<; IUF rules
The IUF and USA skill levels are pretty much the same with just a few minor differences.

More info about unicycling competition rules and other bits can be found at:
<; USA (Unicycing Society of America)
<; IUF (International Unicycling Federation)

Thank You John

Your da Man John, that is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for the help. --chirokid–