Castlemain meet?

Myself and a few mates were at the melbourne meet last weekend, and we heard that there was a uni meet in Castlemain in Victoria, does anyone have any info on this? or has anyone else heard of this meet? Any information would b appreciated.

yeh sum info would b grate
sorry but i didnt find nything on the net joshmo:(

yes, i heard about it at the melbourne meet, what’s the deal castlmaine-ians?


hi guys,

I havent heard anything about it for a while, so im not sure if its still happening.

The man to contact would be a guy whose name i think was Julian Laffey. he lives in castlemain and used to run unfortunately, this site is no longer up ad running.
He was at the chiltern muni weekend last year so Mal Bird (onebyone on these forums) may have an email adress for him.

How far is castlemain from kilmore/hidden valley anyway?



No idea max so u ended up coming yesterday afta all eh? :sunglasses: nd ive been practising one foot nd all ive done is 2 revolutions. :frowning: but at least i m gettin betta :slight_smile:

Sumtimes u really r a fag brownboy!!! lol

bugger off heritage boy

did u end up going to the sunday meet max ??

u shoulda told me and i woulda come with… oh well

we r goin for a ride this weekend in Camby yeah ???

castlemain is about 45 mins or an hour from kilmore/ hidden valley

Keep up the 1 footed brownboy.

It was a bugger you weren’t at the meet Tom!

oh, and thanks for the info. Max.


yeah tom i was there, but i was like an hour late cos of school camp. i didnt think i was gonna go but i got back early.

Camby sounds good on saturday maybe cos im going up to kilmore on sunday. i will call you during the week.



yeah, i suggested to luke that we should meet at camby first and have a ride, then maybe get on the train and go to some location see if it has nething, and then get on the train and go somwhere else, so we can see wats around!! and where good spots are!!

and with sunday at kilmore, im half thinkin bout chekin it out…

(but i dont know how ill get there :frowning: )


ooh, i am gunna be there, if not for yourself, do it for me Tom :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:


I haven’t heard from Julian since the 2005 Muniuni. His site dissapeared and he hasn’t answered any emails. If any one knows his whereabouts I would love to know to inform him of the 2006 Muniuni.

Regarding the Castlemain meets, someone from a bike shop ovewr there organised them but thats about all I can help with.


I’ve heard that there is a group called CACTUS??? or something to that effect?

yeah it was an acronym for Castlemain And Something Something Unicycling Society (or something like that anyway) yeah it seems like julian has disappeared off the face of the earth.

you could always call up the bike shop in castlemain and ask them if it still happens. they would probably know cos castlemain isnt a very big place (even smaller than kilmore! LOL!:smiley: )

See ya,


haha, you sure about that? :stuck_out_tongue: