Casting call, unicyclists anywhere near Las Vegas!

Hay guys,

I got a call today from an agent looking for 2 female unicyclists near Las Vegas. Of course male unicyclists are a dime a dozen in the Vegas area, so I’m sorry to say they no longer need anymore male riders. However female riders are a little more scarce in this area.

The gig will pay $300 for each qualified rider. So if you have any interest please email me or call my cell phone!

Cell: 760-963-9632

What’s the gig, if I may ask? No, I’m not a female, but I just remember the last time I responded to a “mysterious” casting call for a unicyclist. It turned out to be for a McDonald’s commercial, and what they wanted was an actor that could unicycle, not necessarily well, but not a unicyclist that could maybe act. Complete waste of half a day.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to know that unicycle work is available and thanks for sharing the call here!

Did you at least get some free junk food?

The call I got was slightly breif since I am currently in Northern California for work, and I was kinda tied up. Its for a parade, but its indoors. I think for one of the casinos. They have a number of unicyclists already signed on, but they need more female riders…

What if I put on a wig and a dress?

Just gonna tuck it under?